About Us


Welcome to Eleven Over Four - Randy and Tim’s travel blog as we document our adventures through eleven Asian countries over four months – Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and China.  We will be exploring and tackling them through the next 3.75 months – March 6 – June 28, 2016.  Some we will really get to dig deep.  Some we’ll barely scratch the surface.  But we’re going to see as much as we can, experience new cultures, detach from the outside world at times and connect with each other all over this beautiful continent.  We decided to do this blog/photo collection/journal/whatever not only for ourselves and our memories of the trip, but to share with our family and friends all over the globe.  Actually, we’re going to call it a blournal – a blog/journal.  Blournal.  That works.

Some of the writing will be from Randy and some from Tim - you'll know the difference no doubt.  Randy gets the turn of events out there.  Tim's a bit more...philosophical.

With Randy's job with Disney’s The Lion King Australia ending early March and being able to align the start date of his new job in NYC for July 5, it will probably be the one time in our lives we can travel so extensively and freely.  No work obligations.  No rent or mortgage to pay.  Nadda. 

Just us…and the open Asian road.